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What We're About

Building a more awesome
government #resistance through technology

The [alt] United States Digital Service is a distributed startup working outside of U.S. Government, using design and technology to deliver better services to the American people.

We Can Do It!

This group exists to come together to create positive social change leading up to the next election and beyond.

We're a group of Designers, Developers, Marketers and concerned citizens who are building products that can effectively combat the rising tide of populism, fake news, anti-intellectualism, and the anti-science movement perpetuated by the far right extremists.

Need help?

Great! We are looking for progressive candidates running for local, state and federal elections as well a progressive non-profits and organizations where we can jump in and make a positive difference. Reach out and tell us about yourself and what you are looking for. We will annouce the opportunity to our members and organize an action plan to help you win!

Want to help?

Great! First step: Join a meetup near you! Then get access to our private community and Slack team. We're looking for diverse and talented tech folks designers, developers, growth hackers and marketers as well as wonks and policy folks who can lend a hand!

Start a Project or Join a Team - Together we can do it!

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